Kääntämö – Languages of the Nordic and Baltic countries

The translation agency Kääntämö offers language services to businesses, private customers, and various organisations. We specialise in the areas of technology, business, communication, marketing, finance, law, administration, sciences, research and training, as well as arts & culture, health care, sports, and tourism. Our primary emphasis is placed on the languages of the Nordic and Baltic countries.

With our extensive experience and expertise, and careful quality assurance, we can provide our customers with a flexible and reliable service. Translators are always native speakers of the target language. Skilled communications professionals handle copywriting, proofreading, and stylistic revisions



We work in a wide variety of language pairs including the languages of the Nordic and the Baltic countries as well as English, German, French, and Russian. For other languages, such as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese, we have a broad network of translators and language experts at our disposal.